At Evolution Aesthetics Clinic, we believe that every skin deserves a fresh start. Our Face Cleansing treatments are designed to cleanse your pores deeply, remove impurities, and restore your skin's natural balance. Whether it's Ultrasound Cleansing on Facials Device, Deep cleansing with manual extraction, or DMK Enzyme Therapy, we have a solution tailored to your skin type.

Why Choose Face Cleansing at Evolution Aesthetics Clinic?

Deep Cleanse
Our treatments penetrate deep into your pores to remove impurities.
Tailored to Your Skin
We offer different cleansing methods to cater to various skin types.
Quick and Efficient
Enjoy the benefits of a deeply cleansed skin in no time.
Long Lasting Results
Our treatments offer long-lasting results for healthier skin.
Cleanse your skin deeply without any surgical procedures.
Safe and Professional
Our treatments are conducted in a professional and safe environment.

The Science Behind Face Cleansing

Our face cleansing procedures work by using different techniques to cleanse the skin deeply. Ultrasound cleansing uses sound waves to gently remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. Manual extraction involves the use of tools or hands to extract impurities directly from the pores. DMK Enzyme Therapy stimulates the skin's natural enzymes to accelerate the skin's natural cleansing process.


While face cleansing is generally safe, some contraindications should be considered.
  • Skin infections or diseases
  • Severe acne
  • Allergic reactions to cleansing products
  • Recent facial surgery

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Our face cleansing procedures typically require a series of treatments for optimal results. The number of treatments varies depending on your skin type and condition. After each procedure, we recommend keeping your skin hydrated and avoiding excessive sun exposure to maintain the results. Each session typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes.

Our Doctors

Dr. Anna Protasova
Aesthetic GP

Aesthetic General Practitioner from Russia with 10 years of experience. DHA License 87435552-001

Aiperi Bakirova
Beauty Therapist

An accomplished Beauty Therapist renowned for her skillful touch and commitment to enhancing natural beauty. More than 5 years of experience. DHA License 11402862-002.

Victor Lima
Beauty Therapist

Aesthetician, Beauty Therapist with more than 5 years of experience from Brazil. DHA License 27965575-001

Not Foto
Diana Talyzina
Beauty Therapist
Not Foto
Ekaterina Matveeva
Beauty/Laser Therapist
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