White Gloss
Signature Pigmentation Laser Protocol for Face (Alma Harmony XL PRO)

The White Gloss Signature Laser Protocol is a highly effective treatment for any pigmentation, utilizing the power of laser and light energy. This dual-action procedure not only eliminates pigmentation but also provides sensational 4D rejuvenation. Experience visible results from the very first procedure, with no recovery time required.

Why Choose White Gloss Signature Laser Protocol?

Dual Effect
Achieve pigment removal and sensational 4D rejuvenation in one go.
Effective on Any Pigment
The procedure works on both superficial and deep pigment, targeting the required layer.
Visible Results
Witness noticeable changes from the very first procedure.
Suitable for All Skin Types
Effective even on delicate areas like the neck and décolleté.
No Recovery Time
No rehabilitation required, leaves no trace of impact.
All-Season Treatment
Can be performed any time of the year.

Before and after

3 sessions
4 sessions
2 sessions
2 sessions, 1 in 3 weeks

Understanding the White Gloss Procedure

The White Gloss protocol combines two technologies - laser and light energy for optimal results. It involves two steps: Clear Lift, a revolutionary rejuvenation method using photoacoustic 4D-technology, and Dye SR, utilizing the power of the light spectrum. These technologies target and eliminate the pigment layer, offering a dual effect of pigment removal and rejuvenation.


Below are some conditions that may prevent you from undergoing the White Gloss Signature Laser Protocol:
  • Solar and senile lentigo
  • Hyperpigmented hyperkeratosis
  • Chloasma
  • Hyperchromias
  • Melanoderma (epidermal/dermal)
  • Photodamage / Photoaging

Your White Gloss Treatment Plan

For optimal results, we recommend a course of 4-6 procedures with an interval of 3 weeks. This treatment is a lunch-time procedure, requiring no recovery time, making it convenient and efficient. Embrace this change that will improve your life for the better.

Our Doctors

Yulia Krasnaya

Medical Director of Evolution Clinic, Specialist Dermatologist from Russia with 14 years of experience, M.D., Official Trainer for Laser Technologies. DHA License 03624607-001

Anna Protasova

Aesthetic General Practitioner from Russia with 10 years of experience. DHA License 87435552-001

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