Osteopathic Adjustment is a non-invasive therapy designed to improve your overall health by addressing issues within your musculoskeletal system. It's a hands-on approach that focuses on your spine, muscles and joints to alleviate pain, enhance mobility and promote natural healing. The procedure is performed by our skilled osteopaths, who use a combination of movements, stretching and massage to achieve optimal results.

Why Choose Osteopathic Adjustment: Unveiling the Benefits

Non-Invasive Treatment
No need for surgery or medication, a natural approach to your health.
Pain Relief
Helps in relieving musculoskeletal pain, improving your quality of life.
Enhanced Mobility
Improves joint mobility and overall body flexibility.
Promotes Natural Healing
Encourages your body's natural healing processes.
Tailored to Individual Needs
Each treatment is customised to your specific health condition and needs.
Preventative Care
Helps to prevent future injuries and improve overall health.

The Science Behind Osteopathic Adjustment

Osteopathic Adjustment involves manual techniques aimed at improving health across all body systems by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework. An osteopath uses a gentle, hands-on approach that may include stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance to manually adjust your spine, joints, and muscles. This helps to increase the blood flow and nerve conductivity to the affected areas, promoting healing and restoring function.


While Osteopathic Adjustment is generally safe, it's not recommended for everyone.
  • Patients with severe osteoporosis
  • Patients with certain types of cancer
  • Patients with certain spinal injuries
  • Patients with certain circulatory problems
  • Patients with infections in the bones or joints

Your Personalized Osteopathic Adjustment Treatment Plan

The number and frequency of Osteopathic Adjustment sessions will depend on your individual condition and health goals. Typically, patients may see improvements after three to six sessions. Each session lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and avoiding heavy meals before your appointment. After the treatment, you may feel a slight soreness in the treatment area - this is normal and should subside within 24 hours.

Our Doctors

Dr. Vladimir Protasov
Ostheopatic Doctor

General Practitioner from Russia with 10 years of experience in osteopathy, manual therapy, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation medicine. DHA License 01307804-001

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